🎯 bitcoin++ has kicked off this week to a massive reception. bitcoin++ is a dev conf + hackathon for bitcoin builders, present + future

The bitcoin++ hackathon launched at the Bitcoin Commons this morning with over 30 talented Bitcoin developers from around the world gathering to participate in . Kaily, Parker and the bitcoin++ Volunteer team were here bright and early getting everything setup for the devs.

This year bitcoin++ brought in the best from all over the world βž• we also had Murch do a fantastic morning Mempool weather report.

πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ bitcoin++ prizes

Best Hack Overall, Most Polished, Most Ambitious, Project Core Lighting, Project Galoy, Project Voltage, and Project Sensei

The categories were split up by Best Hack Overall provided by ⚑️PlebLab, Most Polished, Most Ambitious provided by Fulgur Ventures. Project Core Lighting provided by Base58β›“οΈπŸ”“, Project Galoy provided by Galoy. Project Voltage by Voltage. and Project Sensei provided by Sensei.

πŸ‘‹ Hackathon Sponsors

Project Voltage
Project Galoy
Most Polished, Most Ambitious
Project Core Lightning
Best Hack Overall

We started off the day with a warm welcome from the MC of the event Matt Dono and bitcoin++ hackathon volunteer Britney

Next, @UncleSamtoshi was up with a quick discussion on building on Galoy

Next up was Paul and Nate from Voltage.

After the final introductions and announcements, the bitcoin++ hackathon commenced. After the start of the

⚑ Project Teams:

✏️ Asher, Neb: Uptime monitor for your lightning node

✏️ Minecraft Distoorters: Building a swap service that can be facilitated by a 3rd party (as opposed to going through something like loop)

✏️ Arkive: Searchable archive of the Bitcoin mailing list

✏️ Ben: Adding sensei to polar

✏️ Bitcoin Dev Shop: Lightning privacy wallet

✏️ Liquidity Hu: Automated service to Bitcoin miners turn their held Bitcoin into liquidity

✏️ Sats 4 Tips: Accepting tips in sats for restaurants, donation pages, charities and anyone working for tips

✏️ Simpmint: Adding smart contracts functionality to FediMint

✏️ Zaploy: Enabling web-hooks on Galoy for Zaprite

✏️ Viral tweets: Bitcoiners need to work on what matters and that’s memes

✏️ 3 additional Stealth projects that will announce themselves during the presentation.

πŸ“Ή Check out the full live stream here.