🎯 bitcoin++ has kicked off this week to a massive reception. bitcoin++ is a dev conf + hackathon for bitcoin builders, present + future

The bitcoin++ hackathon launched at the Bitcoin Commons for the second morning with over 13 team projects from over 40 talented Bitcoin developers from around the country gathering to participate in the hackathon.

As many teams were up late into the evening on the first day, Day two got off to a fast start. Stacker News Live was live-streaming from the hackathon.

SNL from the bitcoin commons on day 2

We started off the day with a warm welcome from the MC of the event Matt Dono and bitcoin++ hackathon volunteer Britney going over the scheduled events of the day.

The final project teams were announced prior to the event.

⚑ Project Teams:

✏️ Bitcoin Dev Shop: Lightning privacy wallet

✏️ Liquidity Hub: Automated service to Bitcoin miners turn their held Bitcoin into liquidity

✏️ Sats 4 Tips: Accepting tips in sats for restaurants, donation pages, charities and anyone working for tips

✏️ Arkive: It's hard to search the Bitcoin dev mailing list; so I archived it.

✏️ Zaploy: Enabling web-hooks on Galoy for Zaprite

✏️ Progress Bar: People aren't able to purchase from Square merchants with Lightning; so we solve that.

✏️ Atlanta Bit Devs: Terminus Pay

✏️ Minisimp: First deployment of simplicity language

✏️ TeamBase58

✏️ Frostymint: Removing BLS cryptography and utilizing Taproot native multi signatures for minimint so it integrates with the rest of hte ecosystem (for consistent standards)

✏️ LNUptime.com: If your lightning node goes down, there is not always a notification; with this, an email is sent once service detects your lightning node goes offline.

✏️ Plz Use LDK/Adding LDK to Polar: Not a lot of people use LDK; most devs use Polar for development; but it doesn't have LDK. By adding more people to LDK, it encourages more people to use it.

✏️ Humble PLEB Stack Calculator: How to get more people to Daily Cost Average into Bitcoin.

✏️ GPG For Noobs: Authenticating software - is my app fake? Whenever you're downloading wallet software, how do you know it is authentic?

✏️ Rainforest: There's not a good incentive for every-day consumers and businesses to use Bitcoin over fiat; fiat business models are limited, whereas Bitcoin models are more open-source and democratic than what is possible with fiat.

✏️ Wallet Fingerprinting: Wallets construct transactions that can give away what the wallet is specifically. Making a tool that shows this so wallet devs will be incentivized to solve this.

✏️ TransLnd: Being able to have a new lightning pub key for every LN invoice

✏️ Minecraft Appreciatoors: Routers currently rely on a handful of centralized services to facilitate swapping onchain / offchain; LOOP, Boltz, WoS, etc. While better p2p solutions like PeerSwap are in the works, a transitory solution in the vein of Amboss' Magma could find utility.

✏️ Satoshi Dog: Unable to gamble in a decentralized trustless way. Satoshi Dog would combine Bitcoin and Lightning to do just that.

πŸ“Ή Check out the full live stream here.

FYI: Most Ambitious was turned into Best Idea by the Judges.

πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ bitcoin++ Judges

Kyle Murphy Co-Founder of ⚑PlebLab, Sam Abbassi Founder of Hoseki, Max Webster of Hivemind Ventures, Keyan Kousha Founder of Stacker News, Nate Burry of Lightning Ventures

🎯 Winners of the event were as follows:

Announcing the winners of the bitcoin++ hackathon

✏️ Project Galoy: Zaploy

✏️ Project Voltage: LNUptime.com

✏️ Project Sensei:  Bitcoin Dev Shop

✏️ Project Core Lightning: Team Atlanta BitDevs

✏️ Most Polished: Satoshi Dog

✏️ Best Idea: Team Liquidity Hub

✏️ Best Hack Overall: Minisimp

✌️see ya at the next bitcoin++