South by Southwest (SXSW) is not just another conference - it's a massive celebration of technology, art, music, and culture. In 2023, the Bitcoin Community in Austin is gearing up to host an unparalleled series of bitcoin events from March 11th to 19th in Austin, Texas. This year's events promise to be like no other, as it marks the first time this many bitcoin events are happening in one given week. The Austin bitcoin community is determined to provide an immersive experience to everyone in attendance, showcasing the latest and greatest innovations in the world of bitcoin.

On Saturday, March 11th at 12 pm, the first-ever NostrDevs event is exclusive for Nostr enthusiasts and developers and hosted by Super Testnet and Captain Stacks. The highly-anticipated NostrDevs event will feature a comprehensive showcase of the latest updates, progress, and projects related to the Nostr network. Attendees can engage in a thought-provoking discussion on Nostr's implementation possibilities and participate in a Nostr hacking session. Join the community of like-minded individuals at PlebLab for an unforgettable experience.

Monday March 13th

Starting on Monday, March 13th, the latest edition of Base58 classes will kick off, offering an opportunity for bitcoin enthusiasts to delve deeper into the intricacies of bitcoin transactions. The four-day program will conclude with the Austin BitDevs meetup at the Bitcoin Commons, allowing attendees to engage in stimulating discussions around the latest developments in bitcoin. Meanwhile, on the evening of March 13th, D++ and Super Testnet will host the Ordinals + Inscriptions Meetup at PlebLab, where attendees can learn about the drama surrounding ordinals, create and block inscriptions, and gain a deeper understanding of bitcoin ordinal theory.

Tuesday March 14th

Tuesday, March 14th, is an exciting day for the Bitcoin community, with many events lined up. To start the day, The Meteor on South Congress will host the Bitcoin Breakfast, where attendees can enjoy coffee and breakfast tacos and engage in exciting conversations. For those looking to work alongside other Bitcoin enthusiasts, PlebLab will hold an Open Co-Working Day, providing a collaborative environment with coffee and waffles. The Lightning Developers Meetup #8: SATSx Edition, taking place at the Bitcoin Commons later in the day, is a must-attend event for developers and enthusiasts working on Lightning or Lightning-enabled applications or interested in getting involved in Bitcoin/Lightning development. To cap off the day, The Meteor will host the Bitcoin Dinner, where attendees can enjoy wine, great conversations, and a 50% discount on burgers before 6 pm.

Wednesday March 15th

Looking for a fun and engaging way to test your knowledge of Bitcoin? Look no further than the Bitcoin Pub Trivia Night! On Wednesday evening, March 15th, at PlebLab and hosted by D++ and Super Testnet, this event promises a night of education and fun. Attendees will receive free sats and have the opportunity to participate in a Bitcoin-themed pub trivia quiz, starting with a micro-workshop on LNURL and Lightning Address. Whether you're a seasoned Bitcoin expert or just starting out, the Bitcoin Pub Trivia Night is the perfect way to connect with other Bitcoin enthusiasts while learning something new.

Thursday March 16th

On the afternoon of Thursday, March 16th, the Bitcoin Commons will host a unique and interactive event: the Bitcoin Node Live Action Role-Play. Participants will dive into the world of Bitcoin, where they will live-action role-play the bitcoin network and learn about the inner workings of transactions and the role of a bitcoin node in securing the network. This event is open to everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge about Bitcoin or running a node. Later in the evening, the Austin Bitcoin Developers Meetup will occur at the same venue, where attendees will engage in a Socratic discussion on the latest technical developments in Bitcoin.

Friday March 17th

Bitcoin Takeover is back!
Austin, Texas, is known for its vibrant culture and innovative community. Each year, the city attracts thousands of visitors from around the world to attend the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival, a celebration of music, film, and technology that began over three decades ago. This year, in March, th…

Friday, March 17th, is set to be an action-packed day with two significant events. Kicking off the day at PlebLab is SATSx Startup Day, where lightning builders will showcase their latest projects and share their insights on building a robust lightning project. That same morning, the Bitcoin Takeover Day will take place at the Bitcoin Commons, featuring discussions on the global impact, mining, and infrastructure in the bitcoin space. Whether you're an entrepreneur, developer, or simply curious about bitcoin, these events offer an excellent opportunity to learn more and connect with like-minded individuals.

Saturday and Sunday March 18th

SATSx Hackathon is back!
Texas is a state with a rich history and culture, known for its strong sense of independence and rugged individualism. Austin, the state capital, is a city that embodies this spirit, with a vibrant culture and a community that values creativity and innovation. One of Austin’s most notable annual eve…

On Saturday, March 18th, join BitBlockBoom's Gary Leland for Bitcoin Coffee at Houndstooth Coffee, where you can enjoy coffee while chatting with Gary. Later that day, prepare for an exciting weekend of non-stop innovation at the SATSx Hackathon hosted by PlebLab and Bitcoin Commons. The hackathon will occur on Saturday and Sunday, March 18th and 19th, at 8am. It will bring together a community of 113+ developers to work on projects in categories such as Chaumian Mint, Lightning Privacy, and Nostr. With mentorship available throughout the event, participants will have the opportunity to receive guidance on developer projects and receive recommendations on libraries and tools to use. Take advantage of the chance to join this passionate community of developers and work on innovative projects during this 48-hour hackathon.

🤘See yall at all the Bitcoin events.