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  1. With a few core devs stepping down, it's worth celebrating new Bitcoin Core contributions however small. @ekzyis made their first Bitcoin Core PR, changing a line to interpolate a value rather than hard coding it. It's since been merged!
  2. Most of use now know Silicon Valley Bank has been taken over by the FDIC following a bank run. @felix provides a short explainer in ELI5 – What's happened to Silicon Valley Bank? ☠️.
  3. Homes are treated like unconditional risk free investments likely because governments promote and support them as such. But might prioritizing the investment nature of housing conflict with their use as, well, housing? Maybe Treating Housing as an Investment was a Colossal, Society-Shattering Mistake makes this case.
  4. Uh oh, USDC de-pegged from the dollar Friday (.88 to the dollar) and at the time of this writing still hasn't regained it (.94). The de-peg is likely due to $3.3 billion dollars of USDC's reserves being banked at failed SVB.
  5. Roulette is a ubiquitous game many of us have never bothered to learn. @BubeniCZECH schools SN on the basics of roulette and the Martigale system in #1 The Magic of Roulette - Martigale. They've subsequently followed on with 4 other installments.
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