Well our local Lightning devs made good on their promise from last months ABC Symposium and released the demo just like they said they would.

Super Testnet and Tristan taking a piece of the Escrow industry pie with Lightning Escrow.

It is pretty amazing to see this actually work in real time and bring this to life. So long Banking Escrow Industry with your fees, 10 day wait times and other slow processes. Escrow industry has now changed for the better because of Bitcoin.

Hey everyone, for the past 5 months we have been working on LightningEscrow - A fast, secure, and affordable escrow service using the lightning network; we are non-custodial and open source.

The version we show in this demo is still in beta, however we plan on having a consumer friendly version by Q3 of this year.

Join the waitlist at LightningEscrow.io and be sure to tell your friends!

Super Testnet how he came up with the idea for Lightning Escrow Protocol below.
Super Testnet on why he initially began building the Lightning Escrow Protocol

UPDATE: Lightning Escrow releases API