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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

We're taking a break from AMAs this week. We'll have to entertain ourselves stackers.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Drivechain (proposed as BIPs 300 and 301 in 2017) has gained renewed interest following Adam Back's sort-of endorsement

    Drivechain ... Arguably could have been more important or userful than Taproot.

    and Drivechain author Paul Sztorc's $3m raise for Layer 2 Labs. As with most relatively open-ended bitcoin soft fork proposals, there seems to be more criticism of Drivechain than support. @super_testnet wrote a post Answering Objections to Drivechain.

  2. Damus was finally accepted to the App Store after three failed attempts. The nostr client created by William Casarin has reached 146k downloads, been banned in China, and is testing post-scoped satoshi tipping aka zaps.

  3. What's your experience with debt? For some, it's a tool, and for others debt is a curse and even a crime. Stackers shared perspectives spanning the full spectrum.

  4. Reserve your pessimism, early adopters. Impervious launched their P2P-feature-packed browser in April of last year. After asking Is Impervious Browser a Complete Failure?, @siggy47 actually tried it and wrote the relatively rosy Impervious Browser First Impressions. Bitcoin wasn't built in a day.

  5. Continuing the Bitcoin company review trend, @based58 asks what do you think of voltage? Graham Krizek, CEO and founder of Voltage, responds, and stackers chime in.

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Top AMAs
  1. Hugo Nguyen, founder of the Nunchuck multisig wallet, did an AMA. We learn how Nunchuck's new inheritance product Honey Badger works in detail, wen lightning, how to take multisig mainstream, being a great founder y father, and more!
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