Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

I've been reading Modem World trying to beef up on my social internet history. IME most fundamental problems in knowledge domains emerge shortly after the domain itself emerges. The problems are seen most clearly during these periods absent years of solutions and marketing. The early solutions are also often simpler and in certain regards superior to later solutions. It's also existentially reassuring that most problems have a history and we aren't at the origin of all of them. 😅

Have fun this weekend, stackers!

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  1. The Bolt Card, the offline, contactless (NFC) Lightning payment card, has open-sourced the server-side code. To better understand how The Bolt Card payment flow works, I recommend the call sequence and system interaction diagrams.

  2. William Casarin, founder of Damus, did an AMA. We learn about the ex-gamedev's vision for the metaverse, early bitcoin politics, bitcoin maximalism as the free market's SEC, how nostr will scale, and more!

  3. @HomelessMokum writes How I Escaped Financial Abuse with Bitcoin and earns 17,606 sats. They were financially abused to the extent that it left them homeless in Amsterdam. Bitcoin has given them an escape and hope again.

  4. Abubakar Nur Khalil, bitcoin core contributor and CEO/CTO of Recursive Capital, did an AMA. We learn about the aesthetics of bitcoin core's code, the one person in Africa he'd orange pill, the book that most impacted his world view, his views on the importance of P2P bitcoin exchange, and more!

  5. A paper was published titled Mass Exit Attacks on the Lightning Network. The paper describes two related attacks, both of which require a particular coalition of ~30 nodes to participate during a period of relatively high layer-1 congestion:

    1. Zombie attack, aka griefing attack: the coalition stops participating in the protocol, triggering closing txs which lock up funds for an extended period of time.
    2. Mass double-spend, aka flood and loot: the coalition submits old channel states (rewarding themselves bitcoin they've already spent) and succeeds when honest dispute txs can't be confirmed in time.
      • note: this attack makes the assumption that the watchtowers of honest participants are poorly configured

    In the section titled Mitigation for Both Attacks they recommend: increasing the blocksize and using an account-based blockchain like Ethereum. Cool story broh.

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  1. Earn sats listening to Bitcoin podcasts \ Stakwork \ Remote
  2. Earn sats by timestamping Keto podcasts and videos \ Stakwork \ Remote
  3. Earn sats by timestamping Libertarianism podcasts and videos \ Stakwork \ Remote
  4. Earn sats by watching Austrian Economics podcasts/videos online \ Stakwork \ Remote
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I'm still looking for an example candidate. The applicants so far have either been too exceptional or don't have enough toes. If you know anyone pathetically ordinary, please refer them.

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