Car talks with Tony Giorgio of Mutiny. They discuss privacy threats on all fronts. They also dive into building Mutiny wallet, the bitcoin privacy war, real-world privacy, 6102, and whether the lightning network is private.


  • bitcoin privacy
  • online privacy
  • real-world privacy
  • lightning network privacy
  • signal
  • privacy threats
  • ross ulbricht
  • ian freeman
  • mark alexander hopkins
  • gatekeeping
  • silk road
  • informants
  • being open and public
  • unknown deaths
  • spy vs. spy
  • muun wallet
  • lightning service providers
  • coinbase
  • chainalysis
  • robosats
  • executive order 6102
  • bisq
  • surveillance network
  • ln proxy
  • vortex
  • mutiny wallet
  • mutiny startup
  • impervious
  • abdc
  • open web trend
  • apple app store
  • centralized services
  • removing friction
  • time and attention

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