Car sat down with BTCRetriever, who changed careers from the structured world of mortgages to the dynamic realm of bitcoin development. Inspired by everything from 'Fight Club' to the local Austin bitcoin scene, his path was not entirely clear. We touch on his experiences at UT Austin, the rollercoaster of coding boot camps, surviving the bear market, and his deep dive into frontend development using React.

Topics discussed:

  • livin pleb
  • fight club
  • mortgages
  • plebdev
  • bear market
  • nostr
  • nostr bitcoin stack
  • utxo egineering
  • mortgage industry
  • ut austin
  • abc
  • fight club
  • workshops
  • austin
  • coding bootcamp
  • frontend development
  • react
  • alpaca rms
  • plebspace
  • builders
  • base58
  • bitcoin script
  • python
  • design
  • pleblab
  • entrepreneurship
  • kc cattle
  • 9 to 5

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