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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Stacker News Roundtable #1 - Building on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Culture, and More was a pure signal prime cut of straight fire.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. @Monotone provides an update to their previous post about leaving Russia and adopting a bitcoin standard. They persuaded a US-based apartment owner in Georgia to accept rent payments in Bitcoin.
  2. Melville Deli was one of the scarce options on BTC Map within 100 miles of @siggy47. Siggy discovered it's ideally located for NYC commuters and is always bustling. The owner, Simon, is also a serious bitcoiner who converts all earnings to bitcoin and gives employees bitcoin bonuses.
  3. Obscura VPN by Bitcoin core contributor Carl Dong teases a VPN service that can't track your activity. Details are limited but it appears to use predefined onion routes (h/t @bitgould).
  4. Suffering, while painful and often avoided, is crucial for human growth and is an integral part of the human experience writes @jimmysong.
  5. The Raspberry Pi 5 is set to be released soon. Raspis aren't the most reliable or affordable option for bitcoin node runners, but their accessory ecosystem continues to make them an attractive option for many.
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