Kyle Murphy announced on Twitter Saturday night that the misfit bitcoin hacker startup Pleb Lab turned into a C-Corp so it can raise funding to keep helping open source Bitcoin developers in Austin.

Kyle already explained how Pleb Lab started, so we will not bother go into detail. Just check it out.


Clearly Pleb Lab is on a Bitcoin Clock not a Fiat Clock. The Grind is real. This was hanging in there lab. A call back to the Pirate Flag Apple II vs Macintosh war. Apparently Real Bitcoin Projects get funded at Pleb Lab.

What you need to know as a Pleb:

  • Something is brewing here in the Mecca of Texas and its exciting af!
  • Everyone and I mean everyone is competing for Bitcoin Developers to come to their city.
  • Pleb Lab is the only "Accelerator in the Bitcoin Industry helping open source Bitcoin projects" WTF?!?! But will they be able to raise capital?
  • Their mantra, "Built by the Plebs for the Plebs" was the signal we needed for the Mecca of Texas. Lead by example. Ignore the noise.
  • With Unchained Capital, TFTC, Marty Bent, Bitcoin Commons, Pleb Lab, Oshi, and the Bens all in Austin, it really is a no brainer for every Bitcoiner to come to here to build.