Marty and the team at TFTC have recently moved into their new studio and I couldn't be happier Pleb. It seems like he couldn't be happier as well. Just watch the Tucker Max episode, it is an education on bitcoiner optimism.

Odell will still be recording from [redacted]. Though the new studio looks, feels, and sounds better there is a cost.

😫 The sad part is the Marty backyard squirrels are no more.

The running and gunning that we've been seeing from the team at TFTC the past couple winter months is officially over. Marty and Odell + the team at TFTC will keep providing Bitcoiners with the highest signal and the absolute best show in Bitcoin.


The latest RHR was a beast of an episode that went Geopolitically and dived into the Bitcoin outcomes that could play out in the near future.

Building in Austin is the signal that Marty and the team at TFTC are right now waving to the Bitcoin Industry. Last week, he had the team from Cathedra Bitcoin join him on the pod. Marty is a director there, so they went into a lengthy discussion on everything going on the mining space and it was absolute πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Besides the new studio, it seems TFTC is planning a big move to build a new platform of a sorts. What is it? We do not know?.

As rampant censorship becomes the mainstream, it looks like TFTC will opt for a new type of decentralized platform to make sure their voice is heard.

With a new studio and (possible) new platform as suspected from Marty's cryptic tweets, we expect TFTC to bring countless more Bitcoin talent to Austin. Is it a coincidence that Joe Rogan is slowly becoming Marty Jones pilled only after Marty came into town?

Regardless, Marty and TFTC will continue to be some of the largest Bitcoiners creating in Austin and pushing the signal to the rest of the Bitcoin Industry. That is absolutely great for bitcoin and the Plebs, and therefor the world.

✊🏻 Viva la Revolución WGMI!