Car sits down with Lyudmyla Kozlovska, founder and President of the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF). Since 2009, Lyudmyla has been a steadfast advocate for human rights, leading campaigns to prevent the misuse of anti-money laundering laws and fighting against financial exclusion and political oppression—all while promoting the vital role of Bitcoin.

Their discussion delves into Bitcoin's objectives, which are crucial for those who have experienced hyperinflation, political persecution, asset seizure, or a lack of banking access. Even individuals with limited financial concerns are increasingly wary of their monetary system being leveraged as a tool for societal control or contributing to a dystopian future.

Car and Lyudmyla also tackle the critical issue of keeping privacy and data harvesting while working with NGOs and NPOs, raising questions about the safety of journalists and hacktivists in this digital age.

Topics discussed:

  • odf
  • bitcoin
  • human rights
  • ukraine
  • privacy
  • defending developers
  • defending miners
  • activism
  • refugees
  • financial oppression
  • eu
  • g7
  • aml
  • protests
  • bitcoin coalition 
  • journalists
  • privacy 
  • data harvesting
  • NGOs and NPOs
  • 1984
  • last resort
  • risk
  • muun

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