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  1. Joy of Compounding
    • When a growth process is repeated, where the end point of the last iteration is the start point for the next, the result is exponential growth. @CarlBMenger helps us find compounding everywhere.
    • 15.3k sats \ 45 comments \ @CarlBMenger
  2. Privacy Judo
    • Is there a Judo-like strategy for privacy, where the attacker's strength is used against them? @siggy47 ponders what that might look like.
    • 3.9k sats \ 49 comments \ @siggy47
  3. Going Dark: The war on encryption is on the rise — Mullvad
    • Governments seek to automate their jobs by criminalizing privacy and continuing the involuntary draft of technology companies. Mullvad summarizes the corrupt, incompetent, manipulative attempts recently threatening privacy in Europe.
    • 2.9k sats \ 15 comments \ @sefiro
  4. Privacy, human rights, and Tornado Cash - Molly White
    • Even Molly White, a consumer protection advocate and blockchain critic, is troubled by the privacy implications of the Tornado Cash judgement. If producing financial privacy code is illegal, we won't have digital financial privacy.
    • 5.4k sats \ 12 comments \ @StillStackinAfterAllTheseYears
  5. Braidpool: Decentralized Bitcoin Mining Pool
    • Braidpool is a decentralized bitcoin mining pool that uses a merge-mined block-DAG, rather than a block-chain, to do accounting of mining shares, and FROST multisig to non-custodially perform miner payouts. @teemupleb does an awesome overview.
    • 11.7k sats \ 7 comments \ @teemupleb
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