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  1. Summarizing my thoughts on ecash
    • Ecash is all the rage because unlicensed custodial transfer of someone else's penny is a crime and mobile lightning wallets can't send or receive offline. @sethforprivacy shares their sobering, nuanced thoughts on ecash.
    • 5.6k sats \ 74 comments \ @sethforprivacy
  2. Why can't you buy ecash from a Cashu mint?
    • @Scoresby weighs the benefit of framing Bitcoin-backed ecash mints as privacy enhanced bitcoin custodians and tries another framing.
    • 27.4k sats \ 135 comments \ @Scoresby
  3. Explain Lightning Network in a simple analogy
    • @DarthCoin explains Lightning as a system of water vessels and pipes. Lightning is complicated, yet it resembles things we're all familiar with.
    • 4.7k sats \ 19 comments \ @DarthCoin
  4. CashApp has inactive LNAddress endpoints with npubs pregenerated for EVERY user
  5. Bubbles to live in
    • Moderns suffer from an unprecedented convection-like exposure to strangers, rivals, enemies, and information. @elvismercury is determined to not get cooked.
    • 21.5k sats \ 29 comments \ @elvismercury
El Salvador trip report

@leo takes us on his trip to El Salvador. He travels to San Salvador, Berlin, El Tunco, and El Zonte trying to use Bitcoin wherever possible.

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  1. @k00b: 370 days
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  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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