Today I write about the feeling of letting go. This has been a part of my journey since my baptism earlier this year and this yearning to be in the light during the darkest of times.

Weird as this might sound...I have been dealing with some pain for the past year. To be honest, I went through a divorce in 2021, and it has me jarred, to say the least. One thing I have done to remove this pain has been the usual "working on oneself." But more than that, I am trying to learn to worry and care for myself again.

Been thinking a lot about her these days, mostly just from seeing the places around town that hold memories. Using prayer, music, and art to heal, but this is taking longer than I initially thought. Taking it one day at a time and writing more has helped immensely. Using 2022 as sort of a clean slate for me. Giving up alcohol and working out has helped mentally but losing someone you cared for holds time still.

I miss my friend most of all.

been dreaming of this place last couple days, it stayed with me

standing on the edge of summer
stuck in the same old town, what's love
i thought i knew love, i felt ashamed

buried in the problems of the yesterday