SNL#23: Tabconf or amsterdam that is the question

Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Keep an eye out for rising stars this weekend, stackers!

Upcoming AMA: Evan Kaloudis, father of Zeus, will be doing an AMA on Tuesday July 12th at 10a CT. Zeus is an open-source, non-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning wallet and my personal wallet of choice.

We are looking to schedule another AMA this week, but don't have one yet, so keep an eye out on Twitter.

Top Posts

  1. Gloria Zhao is now a Bitcoin Core maintainer. Gloria, who has been working tirelessly on package relay, was added shortly after Peter Wullie stepped down from his maintainer role.
  2. The majority of mobile phones in Africa are feature phones and use the USSD protocol for communication. As Barnard Parah mentioned in his recent AMA, wider adoption of Lightning in Africa will require it to be accessible over USSD. Enter Machankura, a custodial Lightning wallet that runs over USSD and is available in six African countries.
  3. Matt Hill, CEO of Start9, did an AMA. We learn about the compelling differences between Umbrel and Start9, Matt's favorite movies/books, plastic recycling, running, Objectivism, and much more!
  4. Pete Rizzo, Bitcoin historian, responded to Nic Carter's maximalism essay in Forbes.
  5. Blue Wallet now supports LNURL-auth.

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Top Jobs

  1. Experienced Software Engineer & Remnant \ Plebeian.Technology \ Remote
  2. Mobile app developer - React Native \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote
  3. Backend Developer \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote
  4. Frontend Developer \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote
  5. DevOps Engineer \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote

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