Pleb Broadcasting Service has been a small gathering of bitcoiners from the Austin scene for a handful of months now. Over the course of the last month it has now become a Friday post week bitcoiner event.

PBS is now being hosted at the Bitcoin Commons every week at 5:30pm. The event is simple gather a bunch of bitcoiners in a room to talk about their work week.

The hosts weekly are in a rotation with new bitcoiners coming into town you never know who you will see.

Logan has been the man behind the screen producing the show.

Early Days of PBS

the first ep of PBS

The interesting thing in the early days PBS was just a pod that talked about all sorts of craziness. It was said time and time again during the show...this is where bitcoiners come to lose all credibility.

These days its become friendlier with anyone and everyone able to speak their mind every week.

PBS weekly after parties have become 🎉

Continued growth seems to be the norm lately. Recently PBS just moved the show to Bitcoin Commons with the blessing from Mayor Lewis.

Weekly tacos, drinks with bitcoiners. Talking about life and having fun at the end of the week.

Catch the latest eps on only on BitcoinTV and live-streams on Twitter & Twitch. Catch up on the pod as well. If your in town come through the Bitcoin Commons and catch a live-show maybe you will be on it.