Car talks with Michael Schiltz, founder of Lionshield BTC. Michael discusses Generation IV Nuclear, or the new wave of nuclear power, focusing on Molten Salt Microreactors (MSMRs). Schiltz describes these reactors as beacons of hope, offering enhanced safety, efficiency, and adaptability. The conversation delves into Lionshield's SurePower solution, which creatively combines MSMRs with a Bitcoin mining operation. A must-listen for anyone interested in the future of nuclear power and bitcoin mining.

Topics discussed:

  • godzilla
  • nuclear propaganda
  • texas oil
  • texas natural gas
  • texas grid
  • uranium rods
  • 1960's technology
  • waste
  • compass 
  • hurdles
  • foundation
  • rockdale
  • salt reactors 
  • lionshield
  • micro reactors
  • nuclear mining 
  • renewables
  • texas nuclear 
  • island mining 

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