Car talks with Maciej Cepnik of Bitrefill. They discuss building a bitcoin community in Mexico. They also dive into self-sovereignty, financial terrorism, Mexico's bitcoin exchanges, and why earning and paying in bitcoin is the path forward.


  • canadian bitcoiners
  • justin trudeau
  • montreal
  • mining x
  • bull bitcoin
  • francis
  • self-sovereignty
  • mexico
  • remittances
  • bitrefill
  • paying with bitcoin
  • earning bitcoin
  • mexico city
  • trucker protests
  • latin america
  • el salvador
  • financial terrorism
  • citizenship
  • taxes
  • fiat countries
  • orange countries
  • bitcoin++ cdmx
  • mexico culture
  • bitso
  • roma norte
  • gustavo
  • canadian refugees
  • ricardo salinas
  • bitcoin exchanges
  • bill pay feature

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