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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Brohs, could the Eye of Sahara Africa be the site of the lost city of Atlantis?! Lost civilizations are my favorite conspiracy theory genre.

Uncover something important this weekend, stackers!

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  1. Satlantis is a Minecraft server with a Bitcoin economy. Satlantis has ASICs (powered by emeralds), clan hashrate pooling, and lightning withdrawals and deposits. 150k sats daily plus all sats spent in-game are distributed every 10 minutes as a block reward.
  2. The world's richest nostr fanboy, Jack Dorsey, offered a 120,000,000+ sat bounty for the best Github clone built on Nostr. In search of a killer app, it's no coincidence the product wizard chose a hobbiest/technical use case suffering from censorship, censorship, and more censorship to be built on an early censorship resistant protocol with hobbiest/technical appeal.
  3. Wavlake, a value-for-value platform for music, relaunched featuring a fresh UI and architecture based on Podcasting 2.0! The music world is fraught with rent-seeking middlemen and Wavlake, while early, allows artists to go direct to consumer with Bitcoin and a Spotify-like UX. Yuge.
  4. If you're looking for a nostr tutorial, video tutorial GOAT BTCSessions made How To Use NOSTR.
  5. Ordinal inscriptions are live on mainnet. Using ordinal theory, arbitrary digital artifacts that are as secure and decentralized as Bitcoin itself can be inscribed in individual satoshis.
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  1. Casey Rodarmor, inventor of Ordinals, did an AMA. We learn how inscriptions are not NFTs, Casey's favorite mainnet inscriptions, the economics of running an ordinal indexer, Casey's motivation for creating ordinals (generative art), and much more!
  2. Katie the Russian, wife, mother, flag theory advocate, and founder of Plan B Passport, did an AMA. We learn about Bitcoin's relationship to flag theory, future Underground Citadels, home-birthing, Plan B's plans for facilitating US immigration, why it's better to be willing to move than permanently reside anywhere, and much more!
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