Car talks with Brandon Keys from Green Candle Investments to delve into the macroeconomic landscape of Q1 2024. The conversation spans a range of topics, from the impacts of Bitcoin ETFs, the challenges and ethical concerns around Black Rock, alongside the influence of market distractions and global perceptions on economic realities. Keys forecasts a steady growth in the stock and real estate markets due to sustained demand, coupled with a bold prediction of Jerome Powell’s “Volcker moment” on maintaining interest rates until the last quarter of 2024.

Topics discussed:

  • trump
  • great depression
  • q1
  • federal reserve
  • jerome
  • rates
  • ai
  • nvidia
  • ouroboros
  • m&a
  • satsflow
  • operation
  • trump
  • real estate
  • 100k
  • 18 days
  • cycles
  • startup day

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