We discuss the likelihood of the debt ceiling not being raised by the deadline in late July, and its correlation with bitcoin.

U.S. Debt Ceiling Default

  • The July 31st deadline by Congress to either raise or suspend the debt ceiling is becoming the latest political maneuver by Democrats and Republicans to squeeze more money in for their constituents.
  • Janet Yellen has warned failure to suspend or increase the debt ceiling before the congressional recess in August could risk a default on the nation’s debt. Which she basically has told Congress a “catastrophic” societal collapse will happen if no action is taken.
  • This is merely a scare tactic by Janet Yellen as she plays a wolf in sheep’s clothing very well. A “catastrophic” economic fallout, is still seen as a very unlikely outcome, she is doing the bidding for the oligarchs and central bankers she represents. They are trying to stay on schedule for the next plandemic.

Coin Analysis

Bitcoin Charts by TradingShot via TradingView

Future Predictions

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