Jan 4 - Austin Bitcoin Club (ABC) - 630PM @ Bitcoin Commons

Come hang out with Bitcoiners from all over Central Texas at the biggest Bitcoin meetup in town. Panel usually gets going by 700PM, but you should definitely plan to come early to meet new people and say hello to friends. As always, there will be food provided by Chef Johnny Ochoa, serving up dishes made with locally sourced K&C Cattle beef. Come for the food, stay for the enlightenment!

Jan 6 - NostrDevs X - 1230PM @ Pleblab

NOSTRDevs is the best NOSTR meetup in the world. Hang out at Pleblab for a fast-paced, rip-roaring Socratic discussion of everything new and exciting in nostrland.

Jan 11 - Bitcoin for Local Business - 11 AM - 3PM @ Bitcoin Commons

New series focused on educating local businesses on the advantages of incorporating bitcoin into their business model & how to get started.

Jan 11 - Austin LitDevs - 630PM @ Bitcoin Commons

If you are a developer who wants to build on Lightning, Austin LitDevs is the place for you. Doors open at 630PM at the Bitcoin Commons and the Socratic discussion of trends and develpments in the Lightning ecosystem starts at 700PM.

Jan 11 - Round Rock Bitcoiners Meetup - 630PM @ Baca Center

Round Rock Bitcoiners are hosting an exclusive evening with the one and only Captain Stacks, a renowned figure in the Austin Bitcoin community and co-host of NostrDevs at PlebLab, to discuss decentralized social media.

Jan 13 - How to Apply and Succeed at Wolf with Brian Atchure - 1100AM @ Pleblab

Brian is head of marketing and of operations at Wolf. Four times per year, Wolf brings a select group of founders and teams from around the world, each pushing the boundaries of Lightning, to New York City for eight weeks to build, iterate, and scale. Brian will be going over this and more. Building a startup takes great talent. If you are looking for a career change or interested in spending a few hours per week building, apply to be a part of the next WolfPack.

Jan 13 - Top Builder Roadmap Ahead with Car González - 1200PM @ Pleblab

Come on down to Pleblab to hear Car Gonzalez, co-founder of Pleblab, announce the teams accepted into Top Builder and the roadmap ahead for the competition where the Top Builder will take home $15K in Bitcoin. All builders win by gaining exposure, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities in the Bitcoin ecosystem but only one can be Top Builder.

Jan 13 - Building with LLMs with Marcus Workman - 1230PM @ Pleblab

Bring a laptop and learn from one of the best builders in Austin. Marcus will guide you through a hands-on introduction to working with LLMs and using them in your projects.

Jan 18 - Austin BitDevs - 630PM @ Bitcoin Commons

Come by Bitcoin Commons for Austin BitDevs and get ready to participate in a discussion of what's new and interesting in Bitcoin development. Doors open at 630PM and the discussion starts at 715PM. Food is provided, so it's a good idea to RSVP on their meetup page.

Jan 20 - How to Prepare for the Bitcoin Startup Journey with Marc Mckirahan - 1200PM @ Pleblab

If you are curious about Bitcoin startup culture or have an idea for a startup but feel daunted by the world of VC-funding and startups, don't miss this talk by Marc where he will discuss what steps you can take to prepare for a leap into building a Bitcoin business.

Jan 20 - The Convergence of AI and Bitcoin with Christopher David - 1230PM @ Pleblab

Christopher David is founder of OpenAgents, an open platform for AI agents. Christopher is building bitcoin-powered AI tools for the masses. If you're curious about ways these two technologies can work together, definitely don't miss this.

Jan 24 - Austin Bitcoin Design Club (ABDC) - 630PM @ Bitcoin Commons

ABDC is the meetup to be at if you are a Bitcoiner interested in design. Doors open at 630PM for food and networking, and a discussion of the most recent developments in design in Bitcoin kicks off at 700PM. Don't forget to bring a laptop for the design crit segment!

Jan 27 - Building in the Open with Moritz Kaminski - 1200PM @ Pleblab

Moritz is a business architect with years of experience in tech ventures and early-stage funding. Currently he is an integral contributor to Alby. Come hear him talk about the challenges and benefits of building on an open source project.

Jan 27 - How to Build on Bitcoin Core with Christopher Scott - 1230PM @ Pleblab

If you are curious about building a project that uses Bitcoin Core, you need to get to Pleblab for this workshop. Christopher Scott is CTO of BitEscrow, a startup building escrow solutions powered by Bitcoin's transparent, immutable properties.

Weekly Events

Tuesdays - Bitcoin and Coffee - 8:00AM @ The Meteor, Austin

Tuesdays - Bitcoin and Wine - 5:30PM @ The Meteor, Austin

The Meteor was founded by two friends who became accidental business partners: Doug Zell, the founder of Intelligentsia Coffee, and Chris St. Peter, a former attorney. Both are avid cyclists. Their vision began with a desire to create a beautiful environment that combines all the things they love under one roof: delicious ingredient-driven food, thoughtfully chosen wine, carefully prepared coffee, and, of course, bicycles. Perhaps more importantly, they hoped to build a community that enjoyed these same pursuits. Thus our motto was born: Espresso | Champagne | Chain Lube

Fridays - Pleb Broadcasting Service Weekly Live Hangout - 5:30PM @ Pleblab kicking back off on January 12, 2024.

Pleb Broadcasting Service is a weekly live gathering for bitcoiners to come talk about what they are working on. We on occasion have special guests that come in to discuss other bitcoiner topics. If you have never been its a great way to meet others just like you! This is one of the many events Austin has on a weekly basis.

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