Car talks with Ben Woosley, a renowned Bitcoin Core contributor. Their conversation starts with a discussion of Javier Milei's impact on Argentina and the influence of central banks through a libertarian lens. They delve into Bitcoin++ and Bitcoin's growing presence in Buenos Aires and the wider South American political arena. The dialogue then shifts to Woosley's significant role in Bitcoin's development, highlighting his extensive contributions to the codebase, including his involvement in 144 commits and the overall advancements in the Bitcoin ecosystem.Topics discussed:

  • javier milei
  • argentina
  • central banks
  • libertarian perspective
  • john locke
  • bitcoin++
  • buenos aires
  • american conservation coalition
  • green party
  • germany
  • austin city council
  • home act
  • mueller
  • protopia
  • robert nozick
  • network state
  • charter cities
  • austin bitcoin standard
  • riot
  • sunset valley
  • nydig
  • bitcoin contributors
  • 144 commits
  • zap desktop
  • codebase

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