Focusing on the road ahead in 2023.

As the year begins, I am focusing on developing more patience and consistency in my work as a founder of PlebLab and Thriller Bitcoin. Both companies share a unique vision. One is a Bitcoin Accelerator that supports early-stage Bitcoin only start-ups building the future. The other is a Bitcoin media company that focuses on amplifying the builders in the space. While inspiration was essential in creating both companies, something more natural was needed to bring both projects to fruition.

Becoming a hurdler, not a sprinter.

An old saying is, "Drowning is a painless way to go." I couldn't agree more for the simple fact that becoming inspired but not supported is a difficult task to pull yourself out from. But why is that? Is it because we tend to race to a finish in a sprint? Should we not just become hurdlers instead? When applying this adage to business, it can feel lonely and underwhelming. But does it always have to be like this?

A limit to your drive?

Companies exhibit discontinuous growth in shifting from their existing core business to a newer, less familiar one. This growth pattern often fails mainly because companies invest most of their resources in maintaining the value network of their existing core business, which ultimately results in a “lock-in” effect.

In business, a fractal company is characterized by structural similarities between different elements of the organization, including the organizational design, how services are performed, and the formulation and pursuit of goals. The idea behind a fractal company is that by embracing these patterns and similarities, a business can increase its chances of success and achieve sustainable growth over time. Some scholars have proposed that the main characteristic of a fractal company is its ability to adapt and change in response to external factors, much like how natural objects evolve and adapt over time.

Introducing "Fractal Theory"

Applying a fractal method to a bitcoin company would look like this. In this scenario, the necessary dynamic environment emphasizes the similarity between the part and the whole. Note that any relatively independent part of a fractal system can be considered a reduced-scale image of the whole which can ensure overall stability. Recognizing the leanness this brings to a startup is key, where the road is long with many obstacles.

The fractal theory is a mathematical concept that explains the self-similarity of evolving objects in nature. It suggests patterns and similarities within these objects that can be observed at different levels of scale. These patterns are often seen in natural objects such as trees, clouds, and coastlines. When applied to the business world, fractal theory can be used to understand the similarities among different elements within a company and how these similarities can reduce the threat of value network lock-in and increase the chances of successful discontinuous growth. What I find particularly fascinating about this concept is that it takes something we see in nature and applies it to the business world, leveraging the inherent patterns and structures God created.

Highly recommend further reading from "Fractal Characteristics of Discontinuous Growth of Digital Company: An Entrepreneurial Bricolage Perspective." if you are interested in learning more about the fractal theory when applied to business.

It's been a fantastic week of celebrating and reflecting on the year that was 2022. Austin Bitcoin Design Club this week was also high signal, it just keeps getting better with every meetup.

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