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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

We had a banger year, Stackers. Almost 10k registered stackers, 30m sats stacked, and 3m page views. My New Year's resolution is to make SN 10x bigger and better. (Also, maybe lose some weight.) What's yours?

Have a wonderful start to 2023, Stackers!

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  1. @Birkeland reminds us that Bitcoin's social layer is its most important layer in Problems in Layer 0—Social Attacks on Bitcoin. The worst thing that can happen to Bitcoin is people believing - for whatever reason - someone else should control their money. @Birkeland classifies the aggregate attempt of turning people against Bitcoin as a PsyOp.
  2. Joe Nakamoto, journalist at Coin Telegraph, shared his article about What it’s actually like to use Bitcoin in El Salvador. In summary, it's both better and worse than most of us imagine. Nearly every Salvadoran knows what Bitcoin is, but many don't yet know the difference between on-chain Bitcoin and Lightning. Joe almost paid for everything with Bitcoin in El Salvador, but not quite and it wasn't easy.
  3. Bitcoin's node count is far from all time highs. Currently, the network has 50k non-listening and 5k listening nodes. (Listening nodes are ones that accept connections from peers for relaying both blocks and transactions.) This dovetails nicely with Birkeland's article from last week on (lightning) node UX being too hard. This discussion copied from Bitcoin's subreddit calls upon us to do better.
  4. @Darthcoin has more experience onboarding small merchants to Bitcoin than many of us. Without billion dollar sales and support teams to assist in onboarding, like those at PoS provider Clover, Bitcoin will struggle to compete even if it saves merchants money. The learning curve is steep, particularly with Lightning, and @Darthcoin proposes someone build Liquidity services for merchants.
  5. Man, even folks at Forbes are excited about Nostr. They wrote a nice Nostr puffer that doubles as an Elon basher titled Nostr Is The Decentralized Protocol That Might Replace Elon Musk’s Twitter.
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