Today I want to write an open letter to my mom. She is the reason I am who I am. God bless her.

Dear Mama,

I want to thank you for everything. Thank you for teaching me the right way to live as a man. The times you put me in my place when you needed to. I am grateful for this. Those hard lessons you taught me helped me so much later in life. Thank you for spoiling me in all the right ways. Thank you for pushing me in the arts and letting me be free. I know at the time, we couldn't afford for me to attend art school. But thank you for convincing Dad this is what you wanted for me and sacrificing. (thanks for the home birth, def ahead of your time.) Thank you for letting me create in a quiet space and not making me do chores. Thank you for taking me with you to all your conferences and speakings. This was priceless. I know dropping out of college wasn't the most brilliant move then, but thank you for trusting me. Most of all, thank you for Austin. This had the most significant impact on me. Thank you for being cool with the move and allowing me to come here. I am so proud of you more and more as I get older. Thank you for the constant touches of light you tried to make when I refused. Thank you for those prayers. Thank you for being that beam of light for me.

your carlitos

Listening to this song after church at Pleb Lab, talking about our favorite mothers in the world.