Austin Lightning Devs is a community event for developers and enthusiasts who are working on Lightning or Lightning-enabled applications, or are interested in getting involved in Bitcoin/Lightning development.

Finally a Lightning Devs is here in the mecca!

What is it?

A group for developers building on the Lightning Network or interested in learning about building on the Lightning Network. We'll discuss the latest developments and proposals to the Lightning Network, as well new applications and use cases for the Lightning Network.

Where is it?

Bitcoin Commons
601 Congress Street , Suite 250 · Austin, TX

Details of the event:

6:30pm - Meet and mingle with fellow Lightning Network Developers
7:00pm - Socratic discussion of recent Lighting Network developments
7:30pm - Michael Atwood of Oshi, "₿commerce: on the operational difficulties of bringing Lightning to N retailers"
8:10pm - Community Micro-talks

Q&A will be throughout the event, so come ready to learn and discuss about new developments in the Lightning Network ecosystem.

Hosted by: @Empact and @niftynei

The inaugural Austin event is hosted this Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at Bitcoin Commons by Unchained Capital at 6:30pm.