Today I want to talk about collaborating. What is it about collaborations that work so well? Is there a certain formula for this? Are two or more people destined to collaborate together?

Collaboration is key as you get older. I felt when I was younger I wanted to achieve and do everything on my own. I really only wanted to collaborate with my siblings. As I get older I yearn to collaborate with people for the sake of learning and leveling up.

In my early art school days we were hardly ever required to collaborate with each other. So naturally when I dropped out I immediately fell into music and started a punk band.

What is it about collaborations that work so well?

It has a lot to do with the talent of the individuals. When your working in a collaborative endeavor its best to choose the best talent around you. I certainly believe if you are uncompromising in your own creative endeavors and push yourself to the extreme others will flock to you. Talent seeks out talent. There have been multiple times in my life where in collaboration a person(s) will stop committing to the project you started. When I was younger I use to think it was "me" issue. Now as I get older I realize they did not have the talent to level up themselves. Again, talent seeks out talent.

Is there a certain formula for this?

Yes! Absolutely there is a formula to choosing a collaborative team. It must have the following to work.

Hans Zimmer is one of the all time best music composers of our time but he is only as good as his team.

1. Empower the talented individuals around you.

This is as easy as letting them be free to create and reinforcing those key items you find valuable about them. Always keep things fun. Never stop having fun.

2. Make sure they have the creative endurance.

This is not so easy. Most creatives have a limit on how hard they can push themselves but with deadlines they have to adapt faster. Really talented creatives will get the job done.

3. Always encourage vulnerablity.

When a creative puts there heart into something you expect a certain soulfulness to the project. This can only be expressed with honest discussion and reading the room. Always allow people to express themselves when in those discussions. Never cut them off or negate their feelings. Some of the best ideas come from them.

4. Know your end goal.

Every creative I have ever met has always required a vision to complete any process. With out an absolute vision for the project, it will die. One way to prevent this is to have a leader of the project to keep everyone on the same page and steering the ship in the right direction.

Are two or more people destined to collaborate together?

Yes I believe some people are. I have been collaborating with other creatives for the better part of 30 years. I have met some talented people along the way. Most of them could have been replaced with another creative. Destined creatives produce wizardry on the first try. You will know it when you see the response from others. This only comes when certain creatives have other skill sets you do not. Its pure magic when it happens.

Going to see my father next weekend. Haven't seen him in 17 years.