Today the only Bitcoin Accelerator in the world announced two moar Bitcoin devs inside the lab.

The first was Thomas Q. Johns who is the founder for MoonBase5

Q is looking to make waves with educating under served communities in Texas about financial inclusion. His startup MoonBase 5 is reimagining a system that helps you find your greatness. MoonBase 5 will offer ways for under privilege communities to get access to bitcoin. As he states below in the trailer everyone should be able to go to the moon.

MoonBase 5 simply states. "We aren’t a company…. we are community."

The second was Bitcoin Lightning dev Dusty who is currently working on splicing.

What is splicing?

Splicing is transferring funds from on-chain outputs into a payment channel or from a payment channel to independent on-chain outputs, unlike channel closes lightning payments on the channel can still occur when splicing.
In practice, that means you can add or remove bitcoin from your Lightning Network payment channel without the need to close the channel and create a new one entirely. It is making for a more dynamic Lightning Network experience.

This enables channel resizing!

Part of joining Pleb Lab is the fun they have together as friends.