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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

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  1. Many of us are anticipating marketplaces on nostr and Nostr Market is an early attempt at one. To place an item for sale, tag a note with #nostrmarket and your listing will appear on Nostr Market.
  2. The late stage capitalism meme would have you believe civilization's progress isn't just stalling but rapidly declining. @tomlaies counters with Late Stage Capitalism? We're just getting started! The cited data suggests global well-being is at all time highs and that we are - hopefully - in "early stage capitalism."
  3. @ncryppt recently lost a sister to a decade long mental health battle. Bitcoin & Mental Health urges bitcoiners to take a more nuanced view of mental health. That is, at least as portrayed on late stage social media, which is tuned for polarity.
  4. Build on L2's Core Lightning community is live! Blockstream's first Build on L2 community is filled with their resident wizards and is a cool blend of Twitter and Slack's UX.
  5. Steelmanning is the act of making the strongest possible argument for something you disagree with. @Anonomoto challenges us to do this with Ordinals and implicitly Inscriptions.
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  1. Senior Full Stack Engineer \ Synota \ Remote
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