Zaprite is a local Austin Bitcoin company out of Pleb Lab who has made it extremely easy to get paid in bitcoin. You can send absolutely beautiful, professional invoices with little effort. You can accept payments with Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid, ACH or any credit/debit cards.

So fresh and so clean. A sample when you get paid via Zaprite. 

If everything wasn't already perfect. Zaprite has now added the ability to connect your Strike handle and receive all payments directly into your Strike account.

If you freelance for Bitcoin business in Austin use Zaprite for your invoicing. Its an absolute no brainer at this point. Look at all the payment long Quickbooks.

Once activated you will see the following:

Something really neat is you can enable/disable the plugin, or disconnect your account at any time. 

Bring on the Lightning baby:

Zaprite has created a tutorial on how to connect your Strike account to Zaprite. Peep the long form on their website. ⤵️

Zaprite might be building on Bitcoin in Austin but it is available globally.
Zaprite is a local Austin Bitcoin company. Plebs let's make sure we support our local businesses.

🤯 Also should mention Plebs...Zaprite is free to use. Simply sign-up with an email address and password and you're good to go!