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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

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  1. If you ever wanted a Blockclock mini but can't spare the sats ($399), @dsbaars has a github tutorial on how to build your own Blockclock clone for $70.
  2. Super Store, a dead simple webstore without middlemen built using nostr and bitcoin, got an upgrade into Magic Webstore with detailed explanations on how it works and lightning support.
  3. We Need More Apps with Lightning, not More Lightning Apps says @roy, CEO of Breez. The difference between a Lightning app and an app with Lightning may not be immediately clear (perhaps because there are none of the latter yet) but Roy argues Lightning needs killer apps to add Lightning and not the reserve.
  4. @fiatjaf thinks Bluesky is a scam. While most of us might hesitate to call it a scam, upon fiatjaf's inspection Bluesky isn't as open and decentralized as they imply it is.
  5. Wat do wen onchain fees skyrocket like they have over the past week? You take your business offchain: Hodlhodl, Bisq announce Lightning ⚡️ integration plans.
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