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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

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  1. Telegram recently added bitcoin to its cryptoh wallet. @chungkingexpress writes about it in Telegram's Bitcoin Failure. tldr their bitcoin support is onchain only, P2PKH only, and uses some kind of chain analysis to reject "suspicious" utxos.
  2. Blockspace hungry inscription degens have set a high floor on tx fees. If you're transacting onchain regularly, @hynek explains How to save on mining fees.
  3. bitcoin++'s latest conference brought a gang of bitcoin developers to Austin recently, including many of layer 2's best and brightest. @JakeBlockchain, an investor, wrote about their experience attending in My Experience at BTC++: A Bitcoin Developer Conference.
  4. The team from Trezor stopped by for an extremely high signal AMA.
  5. @anipy showed us their latest bitcoin wallet which has gameboy-like controls in Developing Gameboy Bitcoin Wallet: My Latest Project is Here!
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