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  1. Perturnio can search for arbitrary text data in Bitcoin's blockchain. For example, there are 101 occurrences of the word pizza, 3 occurrences of stacker news, and surprisingly, only 44 occurrences of "Craig Wright is a liar."
  2. Super Testnet released a submarine swap orderbook built on nostr. While merely depending on generic nostr relays, you can earn yield on your bitcoin.
  3. Elle Mouton teaches us about Taproot Channel Transactions after having recently taught us about Taproot and MuSig2.
  4. @2gigs1coin, as their nym suggests, works two "full-time" fiat jobs while misleading their employers. If the claim stands, they're more productive than average yet not so productive that they can be honest (instead taking advantage of their employer's negligence and/or goodwill). While IC pay tends to be asymptotic at middling companies, which is lame, this guy is a shitcoin now.
  5. benthecarman proposed NIP-89, a standard for broadcasting bitcoin transactions on nostr, using nostr as an overlay network to hide sender metadata.
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