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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

It's a beautiful day, ain't it?

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  1. Ledger announced a new service for their hardware wallets. Ledger Recover takes your private keys off your device and sends them to Ledger. If you lose your device, Ledger sends you your keys after verifying your identity. To most of us, Ledger Recover sounds like it defeats every single purpose of using a hardware wallet.
  2. In Life is Complicated - Bitcoin is Simple, odell describes my favorite of bitcoin's promises: a simpler life. We shouldn't need to be financial wizards to store our wealth. Every human deserves to keep what they've earned effortlessly.
  3. What if we're wrong?, @Darkbulb asks. What if the FUD is right? What if Bitcoin can't scale?
  4. @Chep shares their bitcoin and nostr powered magic webstore Chep's Website Builder Store offering to build anyone a personal website for $100.
  5. Broh is there anything more fiat than displaying fiat prices? fiatjaf's blood relative, @fiatbad, thinks we should stop Displaying Prices in Fiat.
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