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Wavlake Guest Playlist: Car González
I KEEP COMING back to this vibrant universe of Wavlake, drawn partly by genuine interest and largely by the allure of its innovative Value for Value (V4V) model. With each new song I discover, I’m not seeking mere reflections of what I might find on Tidal or Spotify. Instead, I’m

I KEEP COMING back to this vibrant universe of Wavlake, drawn partly by genuine interest and largely by the allure of its innovative Value for Value (V4V) model. With each new song I discover, I'm not seeking mere reflections of what I might find on Tidal or Spotify. Instead, I'm pursuing sheer discovery, authentic musical experiments, and a variety that echoes the comfort of home.

Creating playlists has always been more than just a pastime for me; it's a passion. But crafting this 8-track playlist for Wavlake has been an exceptionally fulfilling experience. The discovery aspect of the platform keeps me anchored to Wavlake – where every song is potentially a new chapter in an ever-evolving, expansive, grand musical story. Each visit feels like a step further on a spiritual journey through the discovery of unique musical gems.

Sara Jade's song "Swallow Me Whole" sets a captivating tone for the start of the playlist with its rich blend of acoustic hopeful honesty. The song's clarity and directness stand out in genres where complexity often overshadows melody. Jade's lyrics weave a narrative of unreserved commitment and vulnerability, echoed in the chorus: "If you must eat me, please swallow me whole." This yearning provokes, and her creative touch adds layers of depth and intricacy, rendering the track distinct and memorable. The song's earnest plea, "If you must love me, then make it so," resonates as a bold statement of all-consuming love, making it all that more striking of genuine sensitivity.

Joe Martin's song "Heartbreak Cult (set 1)" follows next in the playlist, presenting a contemporary narrative rich in emotional depth. The song engages the listener with the striking line, "She turned my vinyl into ashtrays, but she doesn't even smoke," which unfolds into a story about the aftermath of a troubled relationship and the extremes of heartbreak.

The lyrics of "Heartbreak Cult" weave a tale of lost love and the irrational acts that often follow. Verses like "An unhealthy dose of reality to bring me back down from my high horse" and the chorus, "But she don't want to talk like a rational adult, She'll lock herself away and join a heartbreak cult," capture the essence of a person grappling with the pain of a breakup. The song evokes the struggle to communicate and the retreat into the 'cult of heartbreak,' a metaphor for the overwhelming and often irrational state of mind post-breakup. Martin's skillful storytelling is profound and accessible, making it a resonant and memorable song from the soulful singer-songwriter.

As we progress, Sam Means' song "Believe" blends various styles and influences into a harmonious fusion of innovation and familiarity. The song's layered keys and innovative guitar work interplay with a vocal style that proves earnest to guttural rhythms, reminiscent of a journey from traditional balladry to pure exploration. With lines like "You believe in me, I have let you down, but I will fall asleep, Tonight." the track captures the essence of nostalgia and dreams, inviting listeners into a world of reflective contemplation. Its ending is a blend of electronic guitar and railway drums, alongside Means' singing a reflective narrative of vulnerability: "It was trying and forgiving, making way to a life worth living, Now we may go to sleep, we may go to sleep, Tonight." It's a track that grows on you, revealing its simplistic beauty over time.

bellweather's song "render" is a standout track on Wavlake; the song immerses listeners in an auditory landscape of shoegazing bliss, where gooey butterflies of sound meet continuous drums and reverb-soaked vocals, creating a mesmerizing 'vox humana' soundscape, "render" is a piece that demands attention and multiple listens. While it retains a raw, unpolished edge, its complex and confounding nature holds a unique beauty. This track invites exploring the depths of innovative sounds, where the familiar and the avant-garde converge to create something truly captivating.

As the fifth song in this playlist, Peck Slip's song "Egg," released in 1990, offers a hauntingly peculiar experience. With its whispering tones and eerie ambiance, the track could easily find a place in a David Lynch soundtrack. The nature of "Egg" aligns with the boldness of experimentation and defies conventional expectations with far-out warbling electronic stuttered noise. "Egg" invites listeners into an otherworldly realm, where the unusual becomes captivating. Jennifer Tzar's repetitive mantra, "Purist baby, will take flight," adds a mesmerizing, hypnotic quality to the track. This song is not just a part of the playlist; it challenges you, the listener, to embrace the unfamiliar and find beauty in the unconventional.

Ryan Zak's song "To Be at Peace" adds a profound depth to the playlist, with its tranquil and contemplative nature making it a standout composition. Zak excels in creating music that touches the soul as a pianist and composer. His piece is characterized by soft, subtle melodies that carry an internal energy, gradually unfolding. The piano-based core is beautifully complemented by an ensemble of strings and glockenspiel, weaving a tapestry of intricate and harmonious sound. The track evokes a sweet and subtle awakening, reminiscent of the poignant emotional landscapes in Derek Cianfrance films, often known for their deep, tranquil qualities. Zak's composition resonates with this cinematic depth, offering a peaceful musical experience richly layered with emotion and meaning. To Be at Peace exudes a serene ambiance, cultivating a mood of calm introspection.

Silver Unit's song "Implicitly" stands out on the playlist as a dynamic and heartfelt piece. This German band's future folk-rock crafting a sound that is both interesting and deeply rooted in musical heritage. The track opens with the poignant lyrics, "If I could turn back time," and builds to the reflective line, "Then I would make you mine." The vocals, subtly layered behind soaring drums and immersive guitar waves, create a rich, sensory experience for the listener. 

Fepeste's song "Don't Know What You Don't Know" gracefully concludes the playlist. The song's lyrics delve into the deep-seated dichotomy between knowledge and hope, understanding and ignorance, faith and worry. Through poignant lines like, "Oh heart won't you slow, 'Cause you don't know what you don't know," and "Lay on my eyes a burden so light," the track captures the constant struggle of balancing responsibility and love. Eric of Fepeste, a whiskey distiller by day and a musician by night, channels his anxieties about family and the future into his music, creating songs that resonate with the universal human experience of grappling with the unknown. "Don't Know What You Don't Know" represents his efforts to come to terms with concepts like omnipotence, providence, and the uncertainties of life. Much like this concluding track in this playlist, the album explores rest and courage, faith and doubt, highlighting our innate inability to foresee the future. 

Curating a playlist on Wavlake transcends the mere assembly of songs; it represents a journey through the Value for Value (V4V) model. Each track is a crucial part of this, beckoning you, the listener, to dive in, experience profoundly, and ultimately uncover value and emotion from these artists' works.

This is more than just listening—it's changing the future of music. 🤘⚡️


Car González is a grassroots member of the Austin Bitcoin Scene, co-founding the Austin Bitcoin Club, Austin Bitcoin Design Club, and PlebLab. A co-host of Stacker News Live, Car actively contributes to the discourse, including building on Bitcoin through various Bitcoin startups/projects, including PlebLab and his zine Thriller. He is currently working on finding the next Bitcoin startup with Top Builder. Connect with Car on Nostr at [email protected], GitHub as thrillerxx, and Stacker News as Car.