Car and Paul engage in a thought-provoking conversation highlighting the critical role of trust in technology and society. Their discussion covers many topics, including scaling solutions, proof of work, faith, betrayal, Christianity, OP_VAULT, Taproot, selective disclosure, forgiveness, patriotism, and the workings of intelligence agencies like the CIA and NSA. Their conversation provides valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of trust, its impact on technology and society, and its indispensable role in social structures, enabling a comprehensive understanding of this concept's intricate complexities.

Topics discussed:

  • trust is a scaling solution
  • pow
  • faith
  • reliance
  • betrayal
  • broken trust
  • christianity
  • trustworthiness
  • op_vault
  • inscriptions
  • taproot
  • 4mb
  • bitcoin soft forks
  • nostr
  • early twitter
  • bitswarm
  • decentralize wins
  • nashville
  • mutiny
  • zaps
  • social payments
  • selective disclosure
  • bolt12
  • lnurl
  • npubs
  • flow 2.0
  • zeroconf channels
  • voltage
  • prisoner's dilemma
  • grace
  • cia
  • nsa
  • a measured approach
  • patriotism
  • subjective point of views
  • age of aquarius
  • chatgpt
  • operating systems
  • her

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