Thriller Premium is covering Texas A&M Bitcoin Conference 2021 for the first year, because Texas is making a significant push to bring the Bitcoin industry into our state. The Texas A&M Bitcoin Conference speaks to a broad community of students, faculty, former students, and the general public about Bitcoin. Featuring speakers from academia and industry, the conference will engage audiences at all levels – from freshman to faculty and beyond.

Discussions will organize into areas including:

  • economic foundations
  • underlying technology
  • business and finance
  • law/policy/regulatory landscape

Presented by the Mays Innovation Research Center, this conference lives into the center’s mission to understand innovation and how it benefits society, and to distribute this knowledge broadly to students, scholars, policymakers, and the public. The conference aims to host a healthy debate on the current state and future of Bitcoin.

We are excited as hell to cover this conference this year and bring you all the latest highlights.


Bitcoin 101: Dan Held

Bitcoin and Corporate America: Michael Saylor

Bitcoin as an Asset Class: Ray Dalio, Joe Dowling, and Britt Harris

Crypto: Views from the Fed and Silicon Valley: Tim Draper and Rob Kaplan