Today I write about my first year working in the bitcoin space and what valuable lessons I have learned. This has been apart of my journey since my baptismal earlier this year. This yearning to be in the light during the darkest of times.

My Room by Paul Klee

Crazy to think how fast time flies when your having fun. Been a long hard year but it was all worth it. I put together what I learned in hopes some others could benefit from it.

Help your community

Henri Matisse, View of Collioure

This is probably benefited me the most. Each one of us has particular set of skills we bring to the table. In your community right now your skills are likely needed somewhere. Removing my ego and selfishness has allowed me to work and collaborate with so many bitcoiners. I personally think if I had to do this year all over again, I would have helped even more people in my community. At the end of the day if you hold bitcoin all boats rise. This came naturally to me early on. It is who I am and how my family raised me.

Building your tribe is key

Along with helping your community comes tribe building. Many people will come seek you out because those certain skills you helped others with now want to help you. Human capital is a beautiful thing, it permeates in all sorts of industries but truly becomes sublime in bitcoin. Its funny to think that most bitcoiners only see the financial capital as being the most important part. Sure it plays a part but not needed to start. This took me better part of 3 months to learn. The PlebLab team taught me this.

Keystroke ambition

The coolest thing I think about working in bitcoin is the learning and leveling up that comes along with it. It almost become an addiction to see how much I can possibly learn week to week. It is no wonder some of the smartest and talented people in the world are working in the bitcoin space. As a young bitcoiner the constant learning becomes fundamentally intertwined to surviving. Marginal improvement is highly under-rated. Optimizing those tiny decisions and details everyday helps me to change the probability of the results I want in my favor. Letting things play out just works. This took me better part of 6 months to learn. Working with Marty and Odell taught me this, not sure I would have ever learned it otherwise.

Focusing on the present

his name is Mr. Buggles

I love the future as much as the next bitcoiner. But I no longer let the future dictate my present day decisions. The future is dare I say overrated to some extent especially in the technology industry. If you are lost in a big ocean of freighters and orcas the last thing you want to do is anticipate their moves. Sometimes it is better to dive deeper into uncharted blue ocean and build your present day Atlantis. This took me better part of 9 months to learn. I learned this through trial and error over and over this year.

Working with bitcoiners is a lot of fun and entirely exhausting at the same time in a good way. For the first time in my life I am doing what I love and I thank god every day for it.

my friends and i launched AB⚡️DC this past week, gosh it was so cool

betting on yourself is weird saying
i always liked...following your dreams
you might never reach it sure
def worth running towards tho
if not

do it for the sake of creation