Well it happened...our favorite bitcoin cafe is now accepting lightning. Michael Atwood made the announcement Tuesday that he had them completely setup with IBEX.

Mr. Atwood does it again. Lightning payments are now active at The Meteor.

Check out the full process below...

The payment was done during Bitcoiner breakfast here in Austin. Michael, has been coordinating some amazing meetups here in the mecca. He is also running the Austin Bitcoin Club and will be throwing a Value 4 Value panel tomorrow evening at the @bitcoincommons.

☕ Bitcoin Breakfast is weekly

Plus that same Tuesday there is also a Bitcoiner dinner. If your new in town and want to meet other bitcoiners irl def come to it.

🍽️ Bitcoin Dinner is also weekly

🔤 Wait there's moar...

This month ABC is focusing on EARNING BITCOIN through the value for value model! You can now passively earn Bitcoin in a variety of ways by contributing to its rapidly growing network effect. Learn how it works and what it means for the future.

Sign up for the meetup if you haven't already.