The Bitcoin Company, an Austin, Texas-based financial services company, is having an amazing week in Miami. They took home top prize in the Adoption category on Pitch Day at the Bitcoin Conference.

It was clear to me early on that Ben Price came out swinging. Def channeling his inner honey badger.

Ben went on stage like a boss 🔥🔥🔥. He expressed clearly The Bitcoin Company believe, "Bitcoin is for everyone!" They really want to bring bitcoin to as many people as they possibly can it was 💯 expressed as the theme of his pitch. He also expressed, how his experience at Visa was beneficial as it helped him understand product and team building. It helped him get to building the future of traditional finance but with bitcoin at its core. Ben went on to say, "The first step was pretty clear: give away bitcoin!" It's no wonder, The Bitcoin Company received the top trophy in the Adoption category at Pitch Day. Every chart they showed with metrics and data were up and to the right.

⚡Ben Explains the Path to Hyperbitcoinization

Ben Price, CEO of The Bitcoin Company on the Enterprise stage during Pitch Day in Miami.

They also expressed that if you're feeling generous as a BC app user, to use referral code "DONATE" on sign-up and you would be able to directly support Bitcoin developers and open source contributors via OpenSats. Also be on the look out both Bens will be speaking in a few different panels at the Bitcoin Conference. They also will be hanging around the Bitcoin Conference as well, so if you see them say hi and congratulate them for the win. Also check out their booth near the front entrance.

🧡 They will be giving away ton of sweet honey badger merch and a whole lotta love and bitcoin.

₿ullish on the ₿ens and the team at The Bitcoin Company. LFG 🔥🔥🔥