The Bitcoin Company utilizes the honey badger in its logo because it is notorious for its strength, resilience and toughness.

The Bens are back in town...this time they are back in the Mecca maybe launching the new Bitcoin Company app.

Talking to Ben Price, he has always been clear about creating bold Bitcoin design and really moving it forward. Most bitcoin apps today seriously lack any kind of design sense or normie functionality outside of its own hardcore playground. The Bitcoin Company is changing that in its color schemes and ascetics contributing to the greater culture that is Bitcoin UI design.

The Bitcoin Company has a very keen eye on its brand and style. I'm not surprised...look at that beautiful honey badger its marvelous.

I had the chance to get a TestFlight from Ben Carman during the #SATSx Hackathon on Saturday. Since then I have been testing it all week. 😛 So far I have purchased gift cards from Spotify, UberEats, Uber...lets just say its pretty sick if you live on a bitcoin standard.

Just look at how happy Sahil is buying his first gift card on The Bitcoin Company app.

What they get right off the jump is the introduction to its gift card centric platform. There is something to be said about easing in new users to a brand new platform but even more important is easing in new users into Lightning. The Bitcoin Company app gets this especially right.

Not sure what it is about this Bitcoin Company app but they have created a stickiness to its UX functionality. Could it cut a few steps? Absolutely! I will say it is a solid first step.

As I was testing on the TestFlight version of the app I noticed a few hiccups thats to be expected. No doubt it will get faster over time but still very impressed.

Overall the Bitcoin Company app has succeeded in the short term. It accomplishes exactly what it set out to do and it does it well enough for repeat use. 🤯 Also I forgot to mention you get Sats back on all your gift card purchases because the Bens know exactly what the Plebs want. Sweet Sweet Sats Baby!

Look for an imminent launch sometime very soon. Maybe one of the Bens will make an announcement during Austin BitDevs! That would be cool. 🚀

⚡They announced at Austin Bitdevs that it is officially launched in the App store. Android soon!⚡