Super is at it again at Pleb Lab. This time he is creating Chess on Bitcoin. Play a game of chess and signal every move in a bitcoin transaction. An educational experiment with key tweaking.

🤓 How to Play


1. Go here and follow the instructions:

2. You'll need to give your pubkey to the other player and enter their pubkey when they give it to you.

3. You'll also need some testnet coins.

4. Get some here:

About 10,000 sats should be enough for a full game of chess.

🤩 Inspiration behind it?

In this blog post Jeremy Rubin featured an ethereum-based chess game and raised the question, "Why isn’t [its inventor] working on Bitcoin?" It made me wonder if chess logic can be implemented in bitcoin like it can in eth. Later, Lightning Labs announced taro which uses key tweaking to hide non-bitcoin tokens inside bitcoin pubkeys. It made me want to illustrate how key tweaking works so that other developers can make other cool things. These two inspirations (chess on eth & key tweaking in taro) were the seeds of Bitcoin Chess.

🤷 What's next?

Not sure. Maybe I'll fix the game's bugs, maybe I'll implement it inside a lightning channel, maybe I'll just let it sit here. People who play it on testnet can learn a thing or two about programming with bitcoin and that's the main thing I want. It's a brain building tool, after all, and that's what chess was always meant to be.