Today I write about recharging and creating your surroundings in a practical way. This has been apart of my journey since my baptismal earlier this year. This yearning to be in the light during the darkest of times.

This past week was time I needed to recharge. Not from work or commitments but from output. My time in bitcoin has been one 🎨 creative project after the next. Honestly felt my creativeness depleted. Continuous creativity for me is hard to hold. I wanted to be inspired with new ways of thinking creatively. 💡 Ideas for new projects are easy, its the inspiration behind the output that is hard to grasp for me.

M E X I C A   A R T

vibrant colors coming from a single plant

New mornings  after an exciting day sure can be pure bliss. New ideas compounded with proof of work everyday can lead to discovey.

The Mexica were a migrant people from the desert north who arrived in Mesoamerica in the 1300s. This previously nomadic tribe was not welcomed by the local inhabitants who viewed them as inferior and undeveloped. Legend tells that as a result the Mexica wandered waiting for a sign to indicate where they should settle. It is said that in 1325 C.E. this sign, an eagle and serpent fighting on a cactus, was seen at Lake Texcoco prompting the Mexica to found their capital city, Tenochtitlan.
pulling rocks from earth to create

Learning from the people of Tenochtitlan taught me some valuable creative lessons.

  • Less is way more than you think.
  • Use your surroundings in a practical way to invent your comfort.
  • Learning from the past and moving it forward is definitely a way.
  • Creating exclusively with friends and family is a flex.

Balancing new learnings with previous concepts or even perceived enhancements will be a 🛹 neat trick. The goer in me is always looking towards the destination. Maybe the ending will be a spinning force.

went to mass in Mexico this morning, the chanting during the procession was magical

god is here, you just have to open your heart, the feels man, untapped

frieda and diego rivera wanting magical realism

really leaning in on direct purpose, no time to waste