Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

I'm writing this from The Land of Enchantment aka New Mexico. This is my first time visiting and there truly is something uniquely charming about New Mexico. It could be the architecture, the landscapes, the Native American history, or so many other individual things. Better, I think it's these many positive qualities lossy compressed into a feeling about New Mexico, and it's this super compressed goodness that constitutes enchantment.

I think many of us feel the same way about Bitcoin, utterly enchanted. Find enchantment this weekend Stackers!

Upcoming AMAs: We have two AMAs this week.

Pavol Rusnak, Co-Founder of Satoshi Labs and Trezor with be doing an AMA on Wednesday June 22nd at 10a CT. Satoshi Labs created the Trezor hardware wallet, which AFAIK is the first hardware wallet. Come ask Pavol anything!

Sergej Kotliar, Bitrefill CEO, will be doing an AMA on Thursday June 23 at 10am CT. Bitrefill is an indispensable tool for folks trying to live on a Bitcoin standard, allowing you to buy gift cards, refill prepaid phones, and pay bills with Bitcoin. Come ask Sergej anything!

Top Posts

  1. RoboSats recently facilitated .25 BTC of trading in a single day!
    SN post

  2. Celcius Network, which is a "crypto" lending platform, experienced what very closely resembles a bank run and halted withdrawals in response.
    their official announcement ... My favorite part of crypto blogs are the disclaimers disavowing securities.
    SN discussion

  3. SN user pony, who often shares images of ponies they've drawn (truly), reminds us all to buy the f'ing dip. For context, this was the day that Bitcoin dropped out of that 30k band.

  4. Max Webster, founder of Hivemind Ventures, had his AMA. Max led SN's pre-seed and now seed. We learn a lot about Max's POV on investing and Lightning. Sadly, no one asked Max about his rap music which seems like a missed opportunity.
    Check out the AMA

  5. Block announces Web5. If you've been following TBD for awhile, the architecture should be familiar. The primary components are DIDs and relays. I'm a little concerned Web5 is overly top-down designed, but I hope I'm wrong because it's an awesome vision for future.
    The slide deck

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Top Jobs

  1. Earn sats by watching Austrian Economics podcasts/videos online \ Stakwork \ Remote
  2. User Interviews \ Stacker News \ Remote
  3. Systems Engineer \ Lava \ NYC optional or Remote

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