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  1. Max Webster, founder of Hivemind Ventures and rapper, proposes How to Disrupt Google. Sentiment suggests Google, like all generational monopolies, has bloated into not doing its job very well. Max suggests there's an opportunity to use bitcoin to rank content better than Google by somehow associating bitcoin's scarce digital value with content.
  2. Dillion created a Dalle-2 image generator powered by Lightning. Provide a Dalle-2 prompt, pay the 1000 sat invoice, and receive Dalle-2 images. What I find remarkable is how private, fast, low commitment, and cheap Lightning makes Describe Photo.
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  1. Email, a nearly singular example of a working and widely adopted decentralized messaging protocol, has for common uses become rather centralized. As chronicled in After self-hosting my email for 23 years I gave up. The oligopoly has won. Big Email practices extreme prejudice against email self-hosters. Why? Spam.
  2. Block 752868 was mined by a solo miner, earning 6.35 bitcoin in subsidy + fees. According to people who somehow know these things, the miner succeeded with 270TH which under less extrordinary circumstances is expected to mine a block only once every 17 years. 🎰🎉
  3. Anigma is a telegram clone built on nostr, the glowing and youthful decentralized messaging protocol. As a mere HTML file and nostr as the only backend, Anigma features instant onboarding, group chat, channels, encrypted direct messages, lightning tipping, and more.
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  1. Mobile Engineer \ Fedi \ Remote
  2. Write your El Salvador story for our website! \ Escape to El Salvador \ El Salvador or Remote
  3. LN Full Stack Project

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