Anigma is here! Anigma recreates everything that is great about Telegram but builds this on top of Nostr. It is already live and working with relays, public channels and offering encrypted dms. Anigma in itself is a project with a high level focus on privacy and anonymity.

The world is getting darker anon.

Our screens last week were scorched in blood-red backgrounds.

The talking heads were telling us everything is fine.

But does it look fine?

Our leaders are literally feeding us to the slaughter. Biden promised to deliver a unifying speech but it felt divisive and fear-mongering.

He called “MAGA Republicans” a threat to the country. Freedom of speech is under attack. Are you ready to be hunted for wanting to be free?

GitHub - nostr-protocol/nostr: a truly censorship-resistant alternative to Twitter that has a chance of working
a truly censorship-resistant alternative to Twitter that has a chance of working - GitHub - nostr-protocol/nostr: a truly censorship-resistant alternative to Twitter that has a chance of working

Nostr Devs to the rescue

But the builders of Nostr are starting to level the playing field a bit. Censorship-resistance is a feature we need desperately these days. The most promising thing about Nostr is each user can publish their updates to any number of relays.

A relay can charge a fee (the negotiation of that fee is outside of the protocol for now) from users to publish there, which ensures censorship-resistance (there will always be some Russian server willing to take your money in exchange for serving your posts).

✊Nostr is the simplest open protocol that is able to create a censorship-resistant global "social" network once and for all.

It doesn't rely on any trusted central server, hence it is resilient; it is based on cryptographic keys and signatures, so it is tamperproof; it does not rely on P2P techniques, therefore it works.

Introducing Anigma

Anigma is live now

Anigma at its core is a public messaging app with private encrypted dms. It is a telegram clone built on nostr protocol. No phone numbers, no accounts, just messaging. Anigma is a progressive web app. That means the website can be installed on your device so that it looks and behaves like a native program regardless of phone or device it is used on. The biggest difference between something like Anigma and Telegram is telegram can censor your messages and kick you off their platform.

The Anigma client is using a frontend css-chat-interface that bridges to nostr. When taking a look at the current features and future roadmap lightning is in the works to get implemented using lnbits.

Anigma also features YouTube videos embed in the progressive web app.

🤘The most interesting features:

  • auto generated icons next to or above posts
  • click someone's profile picture to see their profile ("about" section is otw)
  • encrypted dms are live!!!
  • create a mini player for youtube videos so you can leave the channel and keep the video playing
  • parse and display urls as clickable links
  • parse and display images in messages
  • implement message caching
  • make the emoji button functional
  • integrate nos2x
  • show a grey message counter in channels with messages you didn't read yet
  • on laptops and desktops, automatically put the user's cursor in the text input element when they enter a channel or a dm
  • when a mobile user starts typing, make the mic and attach-image buttons disappear
  • parse youtube video urls and display them as embedded
  • keep the keyboard visible after you send a message on mobile
  • multi select emojis before closing emoji window
  • when a user imports a private key, automatically replace their username, about, and picture on the settings page
  • show a green message counter in dms
  • display your profile picture on the settings page
  • when dming a user, clicking their profile pic in the header should take you to their profile
GitHub - brilliancebitcoin/nostrgram: A clone of telegram built on nostr
A clone of telegram built on nostr. Contribute to brilliancebitcoin/nostrgram development by creating an account on GitHub.

🧭 The roadmap is ambitious:

  • private groups with shared decryption keys
  • ⚡️integrate lnbits
  • make an option to set and modify relays in settings
  • connect to at least two relays by default
  • import channels and other backed up data when you import an account
  • parse and display @[username] and @[pubkey] as links to profile pages
  • show a green message counter in channels where someone @'d you or dm'd you or replied to you
  • add an about section to profile pages
  • add message replies via long press or right click
  • add sticky messages
  • let channel creators blacklist posts and users (blacklists are enforced client side, so client software can optionally ignore them)
  • let channel creators add admins with sticky powers and blacklisting powers
  • add sticker packs
  • make the mic button record and broadcast voice chats powered by
  • make the image attach button prompt you to upload your image to imgur and then paste the link
  • show "last seen" indicators for people in your dm list
  • when a dm is closed, don't show it again til the dm'd person says something
  • let users block individuals from appearing in their dms
  • let users close their dms so people can't show up unannounced
  • let users close their dms except to people who pay a fee
  • if a user types /me at the start of their message their bubble should display their name inline as the first word of their message
  • search channel history
  • search for channels & users
  • nip05 support (domain-based checkmarks)
  • nip07 support (likes and reactions)
  • dark mode
  • print the total messages that are in a channels in the channel about div
  • users who click or tap the back button should not close the app. They should go to the previous page
  • users who go from a channel to a profile should have a button to go back to the channel. The button that seems most obvious currently takes them to the sidebar
  • let users add a pubkey to their dms similar to how they can add channels
  • give people a link to view their public profile

💻 But wait theres more

Nostr console is another open-source twitter-like social network, direct chat app and group chat all bundled into one program. Built on the decentralized Nostr protocol.

Anigma is brought to you by Brill Saton a nym on nostr. If you would like to contribute to the project be sure to peep the git. Anigma is also live at Follow Anigma on twitter for updates.

If you are interested in other Nostr clients check out Damus, Astral, and Nostr console.

✌️Future is bright for censorship resistant communication with Nostr.