SNL#29: Merge deez nuts 

Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

If you're in Austin for Bit Block Boom next week be sure to stop by the new Pleb Lab for the Open House (and live recording of PBS) on Friday at 3p. SN has a tiny office in Pleb Lab, and the building inherits the great vibes of its former tenant, The Texas Lottery.

Fill your weekend with joy, stackers!

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We don't currently have AMAs scheduled for this week, but are working on it. Watch the SN Twitter for AMA announcements.

Top Posts
  1. @NetWt1oz shares their growing list of ways to earn/spend bitcoin. These lists are a regular occurence on SN. There's always new services to learn about. This go around I learned about LN Pizza which allows you to buy Dominos with sats and Purse which allows you to buy things on Amazon using sats.
  2. @nullcount reminds you to enable I2P for your Node. I2P is an anonymous network layer (a lot like Tor) that Bitcoin Core added support for in 22.0. Keeping with allium metaphor, I2P uses garlic routing, bundling multiple onions into "garlic cloves."
  3. @orthzar brings our attention to Operation Tornado Dust 🌪️ 💸 🔒. Given the recent OFAC ruling which sanctions the Ethereum Tornado Cash Mixer (and triggered the arrest of its developer in The Netherlands), regulation sensitive entities are blacklisting addresses receiving funds from Tornado Cash. The account-based nature of Ethereum means ETH can be sent from Tornado Cash to any account, even prominent ones, to taint the account, highlighting the absurdity of generically acting on such sanctions.
  4. The ever popular P2P Lightning exchange, RoboSats, adds optional "stealth invoices." RoboSats' stealth invoices hide transaction details from your invoice descriptions and reminds me I need to do this for SN. While this isn't much of a concern if you're self-custodying, you certainly don't want custodians knowing where your sats go.
  5. @mary_imasuen writes about her experience playing Bitcoin games on Twitch for the last 2 months. Doubling down on Bitcoin, Mary uses the Zebedee Streamer to accept Bitcoin tips during her streams.
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Top Jobs
  1. Complete small front end tasks for sats \ Sphinx \ Remote
  2. Earn sats listening to Bitcoin podcasts \ Stakwork \ Remote
  3. Earn sats by timestamping Keto podcasts and videos \ Stakwork \ Remote
  4. Earn sats by timestamping Libertarianism podcasts and videos \ Stakwork \ Remote
  5. Earn sats by watching Austrian Economics podcasts/videos online \ Stakwork \ Remote
  6. Mobile Engineer \ Fedi \ Remote

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